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The latest book from
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Michael McQueen
Mastering the Art of Changing Minds

Coaching for Leaders

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What others are saying...

“A must-read if you want to make a greater impact!”

Mel Robbins

NYt bestselling author and host of the Mel robbins podcast

About the book

We’re told you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. But what if this is not true?

Whether we realize it or not, our success and effectiveness in most areas of life is determined by how good we are at changing the perspective of others. But persuading people is getting harder and harder. In our ideology-driven and polarized age, certainty has taken the place of curiosity and open-mindedness has given way to obstinance.


Drawing on the latest discoveries in disciplines ranging from neuroscience to behavioral economics, McQueen suggests that we are too often using nineteenth and twentieth-century techniques to change twenty-first-century minds—and are wondering why it’s not working. What we need is an upgrade in our understanding of what it really takes to influence others.


Whether you are a leader trying to help your team keep pace in changing times, a businessperson who needs a potential partner to see your value proposition, or a parent who wants to get your teenager away from their screen, this book will show you how to persuade even the most mindstuck people in your world.

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About the author

Michael McQueen has spent the past two decades helping organizations and leaders win the battle for relevance. From Fortune 500 brands to government agencies and not-for-profits, Michael specializes in helping clients navigate disruption and stay one step ahead of change. ​


He is a bestselling author of ten books and is a familiar face on the international conference circuit, having shared the stage with the likes of Bill Gates, Mel Robbins and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Michael has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people across five continents since 2004 and is known for his high-impact, research-rich and entertaining conference presentations. ​


Having formerly been named Australia’s Keynote Speaker of the Year, Michael has been inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame. He and his family live in Sydney, Australia.

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